ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™

ACTIVE Clean Air &
Antibacterial Ceramic™

Les dalles ACTIVE pour revêtements de sol et murs sont en mesure de réduire signifi cativement les effets nocifs des principaux polluants atmosphériques (CO-NOx-SOx- COV) et d'éliminer, de façon quasiment totale, certaines bactéries.


Active Clean Air & Antibacterial CeramicTM is a photocatalytic product able to activate all the properties of the photocatalytic materials:

Antibacterial effect: We are constantly in contact with bacteria, some of which are dangerous for health. Active is 99,99% efficient on all bacteria, from the most common such as Escherichia Coli to the most dangerous such as Staphilococcus Aureus Methicillinresistant (MRSA).

Anti-pollution effect: thanks to the photocatalytic process, the volatile molecules of pollutants are converted into harmless substances, just in presence of natural or artificial light and humidity. The antipollution effect was proven by specific tests performed in certified academic laboratories; formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides were selected as reference molecules of the indoor and outdoor pollution respectively.

Self-cleaning effect: Dirt does not adhere thanks to the new hydrophilic properties of the photocatalytic surface, and their cleaning will be easier even without aggressive cleaning agents (which are also a source of pollution), but just with water or neutral soaps. Outdoors, the rain is able to clean surfaces keeping the original colors unchanged and preventing next maintenance.

Anti-odor effect: smelling organic molecules are degraded and destroyed thanks to the photocatalytic properties of the Active surfaces, which eliminate bad odors. Laboratory tests on strongly odorant molecules, such as methylmercaptan (which is usually added to methane and shows a typical strong smell of rotten cabbage) or alpha-pinene (the typical pine fragrance) proved the complete efficiency of Active in killing this kind of molecules.


New Active 2.0 is now available; in addition to the properties listed above it now counts on new features granted by a high-performant Titanium Dioxide fortified with Silver (patented technology by Iris Ceramica Group). Active 2.0 maintains all the photocatalytic properties of the first Active generation, increasing its efficiency through the presence of metals, which guarantee the following high performing features; Antibacterial activity in low or no - light conditions. Active 2.0 fights all kind of bacteria including the MRSA bacteria (antibioticresistant), which is worldwide increasing and dangerously affecting humans’ health. Active 2.0, the unique material in the world with photocatalytic properties (as self-cleaning, anti-odor and anti-pollution), is efficient not only with UV or sunlight but also under LED lights.

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